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Match Report: Leicester Road 0-1 Paget Rangers

Myles Phipps strike the difference as the Bears take all three points.

Paget Rangers got off to a terrific start as they began their second season in the Total Motion Midland Football Division One.

Substitute Myles Phipps scored lated on to give the Bears all three points at Leicester Road Stadium in a close opening game.

The home side started well, but failed to take advantage of their early dominance and were even at risk of conceding when Billy Fagg found Luke Holmes with just eight minutes gone. Fortunately for the home side the Paget debutant was denied by Will Highland in the Leicester Road goal.

Leicester Road had their own great chance 14 minutes in but Nuno Gomes dragged the shot hopelessly wide, failing to trouble Josh Benton.

With 15 minutes of the half left Fagg controlled the ball in the box, flicking it over a Leicester Road defender before trying to chip the Leicester Road goalkeeper who was lucky to catch the ball.

The second half started slow, and at times felt like it was a pre-season friendly. The atmosphere reflected it at times, although two members of the Leicester Road fans attempted to try and get an atmosphere going. However two men and a drum does not an atmosphere make.

Phipps introduction into the game proved to be a masterstroke by manager Jason Lanns, the pacey forward immediately began to trouble the Leicester Road defence, and would eventually be their downfall.

With less than 10 minutes left Paget easily dismantled a Leicester Road attack and the Bears launched their own, resulting in Fagg sending a lofted ball to Phipps and it was brought down with ease before the forward tapped it behind the defender creating enough space to send the ball into the bottom corner with the defender left wondering what had happened.

An immediate response came from the Leicester Road ultras as they attempted to inspire the home side to a comeback, although their effort at inspiring Leicester Road was about as effective as the Leicester Road’s late attempts at finding an equaliser, which sent the Wee Gers home with all three points.