FA To Introduce Sin Bins Next Season

Temporary Dismissals Will Be Issued For Dissent

As you may or may not be aware the 2019/20 season will see the introduction of ‘Sin Bins’ for all Yellow Cards issued for Dissent only. This initiative has been brought in by the F.A. and will be introduced into all Grassroots Football under the control of County F.A. Associations.

The initiative will be in place for all MFL League games and all Cup Competitions.

Here are a few guidelines on how it will work……

  • Sin Binnings will last for a period of 10 minutes actual playing time.
  • The match Official will administer a Yellow Card and point to the touchline.
  • A Sin Binned player can return to the field of play after the ten minute period or can be substituted by the Manager after the same period of time.
  • A player who has served his 10 minutes will be waved back onto the field of play by the Match Official whilst the game is active ( the same as any player who has been off for an injury).
  • In the case of a Goalkeeper being Sin Binned, an outfield player must take over his position for the ten minute period. On completing his Sin Bin period, the Goalkeeper must re-enter the field of play as an outfield player, until which time there is a stoppage in play enabling him to change position.
  • Sin Binned players will be asked to sit on their own teams substitute bench during the 10 minutes.
  • The Match Official(s) will be the sole Administrator of the Sin Bin time period.
  • Players in the Sin Bin are allowed to Warm-Up during the 10 minute period.
  • A player receiving TWO Yellow Cards for DISSENT in the same game, will NOT be allowed to re-enter the field of play again for the remainder of the game. However the Manager will be allowed to put on a substitute after the 10 minutes has elapsed.
  • Yellow Cards for DISSENT will be reported to the County F.A. and will be used in the ‘Totting Up’ process for Individual Players and Clubs.
  • In F.A.Competitions two Yellow Cards for DISSENT in the same Competition will result in a 1 Game Ban for the individual.
  • A Player receiving one DISSENT Yellow Card in any game will NOT receive a £10.00 Administration Fine from the County F.A.. However a player who receives TWO DISSENT Yellows in a game will be fined £25.00.
  • If a team has 5 or more players in the Sin Bin at any one time, therefore falling below the 7 player threshold, the game will continue if the players are able to return to the game after their Sin Bin period(s).

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